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Home Remedies for Coronavirus

Learn How to Prepare Yourself and Your Family

You Can Learn How To:
1. Boost your immune system (7 evidence-based steps)
2. Be ready in case of the spread of coronavirus in your community
3. Prevent infection
4. Simple natural remedies to help someone recover faster

There is a lot of misinformation circling around the internet and on social media about the new coronavirus infection (Covid-19). That is why I decided to write this comprehensive 20-page guide that is based on solid science and will give you information on how to help with viral respiratory infections of any kind, including the new coronavirus.

Find out about the objective steps (backed by research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals) you can take TODAY to strengthen your immune system. ALL the information I give you is scientifically validated. You can be CONFIDENT that the information in this guide is completely RELIABLE and EVIDENCE-BASED. 

Learn also about the natural home remedies that were used with great success BEFORE vaccines, antibiotics and antiviral medications were invented to help those infected with respiratory infections to speed their recovery. These traditional remedies saved lives during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.

Also learn how to prevent infections and how to be ready in case of a pandemic.

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Get my comprehensive e-guide for only $3.99!


My name is Maria Jose Hummel. I have a masters in Nutrition and and a masters in Public Health (MPH). I am currently finishing my doctorate degree on naturopathy (I am currently writing my dissertation). I am also board certified by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine as a Lifestyle Professional, therefore all the information I share and promote follows the highest standard of scientific evidence.

I wrote this guide (which includes 42 scientific references) to give people hope and confidence in a time of much uncertainty, panic and hype. I want the reader to have a guide that is:

  • simple but comprehensive.

  • has objective steps that people can take NOW to boost their immune system.

  • easy to implement.


These lifestyle measures, when put together, can help your body fight any infection more effectively. Remember that the immune system is ultimately what keeps us healthy and ALIVE in case of a pandemic, especially when there are no other medications or vaccines available. Your natural defenses are in charge of destroying foreign invaders, such as bacteria and viruses, but only when your immune system is healthy and working properly. 


Also, ​before vaccines, antibiotics or antiviral medications were even invented, there were traditional home remedies that were used successfully to ease the symptoms and aid in the recovery from viral infections. I'll give you a remarkable example of this that happened in Minnesota in 1918. The use of these traditional home remedies was abandoned when more "convenient" pharmaceutical medications were invented, not always because they were more effective, but rather because they freed the physicians and nurses from having to administer the old-fashion remedies. 

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn about:

  • Traditional hydrotherapy treatments that were used for respiratory infections quite successfully in the past.

  • My favorite cold and flu recipe with many natural antiviral ingredients that can help you to recover sooner from a respiratory infection.

  • Foods and herbs that have been shown to have antiviral properties.

  • The benefits and instructions on how to do steam inhalations to help ease a dry cough and stuffiness.

Don't wait any longer. Get my guide today and start protecting yourself and your family, and know how to be ready in case the coronavirus hits your home. 

Learn traditional home remedies that were used successfully before vaccinations, antibiotics and antiviral medications were available.
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Foods and herbs that have antiviral properties
Get the e-guide now for only $3.99!
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