July 4, 2017

One of the biggest concerns that many have when trying to lose weight or improve their health is that they feel that they cannot control what they eat because they struggle with food cravings. This is a very common problem in some of those I have advised in regards to nutrition. In most cases people who deal with food cravings are women, but that is not always the case.

There are several factors that may be influencing a person's food cravings. One of the most important is the nutrient density of the food we eat. Our modern diet is, unfortunately, very deficient in micronutrients (such as vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals), especially junk food or heavily processed foods. When we eat a diet based primarily on these foods, we might be getting enough calories, in fact maybe an excess of calories, but in most cases very few micronutrients. This results in the paradox of our modern society: obesity and malnutrition may occur in the same person. Yes, it is possible to be obese and malnou...

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